Hospitality education & training


Heb jij toegang tot onze collectie digitale 3D modellen, dan kun je deze met behulp van het MetaChef platform op meerdere manieren inzetten.
Bijvoorbeeld met de 3D category planner.

Aantrekkelijker lesmateriaal met interactief 3D content

It is the best way to interactively involve students in the course material. They see the connections more clearly and the result is better.
For training it is a very efficient link between theory and practice. Materials for the following courses are available:

  • Product knowledge – 12 product categories, such as fresh produce, meat, seafood, etc.
  • Kitchen technology – product handling, safety and security, material handling, etc.
  • Beverage knowledge – wine, soft drinks, coffee, tea, fruit drinks, beer, etc.
  • Restaurant technology – product knowledge, menus, table preparation, etc.
  • Room division & service – room preparation

Why choose an interactive 3D addition to your education program?

  • Create more involvement and maximize learning capacity
  • Innovative and attractive 3D teaching material
  • Specifically suited to the way young students prefer to learn
  • A clear and transparent licensing model for the use of the products
  • Affordable for all educational institutions
CASE: Stenden

Learning kitchen skills by using VR glasses

As a game changer in education, the hotel management school in Leeuwarden is always looking for innovation. MetaChef contributes to this digital innovation through the development of the virtual kitchen that helps students prepare for working in a real kitchen.

VR food

Your own digital access

Everything has been made as simple as possible. As a teacher, you can add and expand on things yourself. From your own digital access, you can give students access to their own study materials. Do you want to add the 3D content to your existing teaching material? No problem!

Everything has been fully applied and implemented for educational institutions and can be easily and securely integrated through SURF integration.