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Heb jij toegang tot onze collectie digitale 3D modellen, dan kun je deze met behulp van het MetaChef Platform op meerdere manieren inzetten.
Bijvoorbeeld met de MetaChef Insights.

How does your customer react to your range?

MetaChef Insights Monitor is indispensable to ensure that your range is even better suited to the needs of the customer and consumer. Thanks to this application, you can see everything the user is doing at the moment: what is being looked at, what is important?

Research and monitor how customers or consumers view and use your products with MetaChef Insights Monitor. Thanks to MetaChef Insights Monitor, you can collect relevant data about the unconscious behaviour of consumers.

Why choose MetaChef Insights Monitor?

  • All data available and updated 24/7
  • User-friendly: the data is easy to understand and put into action
  • The way to gain valuable insights for your market research
  • The way to activate real-time online (extra) sales
  • The way to perfect your products
CASE: VanDrie GroUp

VanDrie Group uses the endless possibilities of 3D

All veal cuts that VanDrie Group sells went under our scanner. Based on these scans, we made a 3D model of each piece of meat. Subsequently, all the old photos in the cut book were replaced by the dynamic and complete 3D images.

Voorbeeld 3D food product

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3D product catalogue

Combine product and packaging in real time, directly in front of the customer, and shorten development time.

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Combine product and packaging real time, together with your customer.

Category Management

3D category planner

Inspire & convince customers of your vision of the category. And put your products on the shelf in real time with the help of AR.

3D hologram

3D product presentation

Convince your customers or consumers of the quality of your product and attract maximum attention with lifelike product presentations.

AR and VR training

Train new employees, educate students or provide additional training to your existing employees with AR & VR. Attractive, effective & inspiring.

MetaChef Insights

Research and monitor how customers or consumers view and use your products online with MetaChef Insights.