3d food, package & machinery

The largest collection in the world of 3D food, packaging & machinery

MetaChef is the leading expert in producing and supplying 3D images for the international food industry. Our collection consists of:

More than 1000 kinds of fresh products in meat, fish and poultry

More than 750 kinds of fruit and vegetable products

More than 500 varieties of rice, pasta and noodles

More than 250 kinds of bread

More than 250 kinds of dairy products

More than 250 kinds of machinery

More than 1000 kinds of packaging


Of course, we can make any desired 3D (food) model. A 3D model is a digital clone (CGI) of a real product. The production of these digital 3D models is done efficiently and completely in-house with our Digital Food Factory.

3D content opens the door to unique presentation and application possibilities

3D models have been the standard in non-food for years. Why? 3D is endlessly reusable and therefore easy, efficient to use, and cost-effective. Digital 3D models only need to be created once. After that, they can always be reused for various digital applications.