3D category planner


Heb jij toegang tot onze collectie digitale 3D modellen, dan kun je deze met behulp van het MetaChef platform op meerdere manieren inzetten.
Bijvoorbeeld met de 3D category planner.

Present your product virtually on the shelf

Do you want an efficient and simple way to immediately show the customer how new products and/or packaging will be presented on the shelf? With the 3D category planner, you can introduce your customer to your vision of the category in an inspiring and convincing way. And with the help of augmented reality, you can put the products on the shelf in real time. This provides an immediate and lifelike view of the possibilities.

Why choose our 3D category planner?

  • You deliver real-time customization for your customer
  • It is cost efficient compared to the usual shelf presentations 
  • Your customer sees the possibilities immediately and on the real shelf
Category Management
CASE: Van der Moolen

Van der Moolen bids farewell to physical mock-ups

Van der Moolen is at the forefront when it comes to the digital transition. It wants to work efficiently and is open to innovation. A solution such as the 3D product configurator is therefore definitely very interesting. 

Discover our applications

3D catalogus producten

3D product catalogue

Combine product and packaging in real time, directly in front of the customer, and shorten development time.

3D product configurator

Combine product and packaging real time, together with your customer.

Category Management

3D category planner

Inspire & convince customers of your vision of the category. And put your products on the shelf in real time with the help of AR.

3D hologram

3D product presentation

Convince your customers or consumers of the quality of your product and attract maximum attention with lifelike product presentations.

AR and VR training

Train new employees, educate students or provide additional training to your existing employees with AR & VR. Attractive, effective & inspiring.

MetaChef Insights

Research and monitor how customers or consumers view and use your products online with MetaChef Insights.