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As a leading provider of 3D food solutions, we're excited to introduce you to our range of cutting-edge applications.


Training & Education

Food Education

More attractive study materials with interactive 3D content

It is the best way to interactively involve students in the course material. They see the connections more clearly and the result is better.
For training it is a very efficient link between theory and practice. Materials for the following courses are available:

  • Product technology – 12 product categories, such as fresh produce, meat, seafood
  • Process technology – dairy process, bread process, packaging process, etc. 
  • Quality – SEUROP, HACCP

Why choose an interactive 3D addition to your education program?

  • Create more involvement and maximize learning capacity
  • Innovative and attractive 3D teaching material
  • Specifically suited to the way young students prefer to learn
  • A clear and transparent licensing model for the use of the products
  • Affordable for all educational institutions

Brands & Industry


Develop your product in real time, together with your customer

HSee the end product immediately according to your idea or precisely according to the customer's wishes? This is possible with our configurator. Combine product and packaging in real-time, directly at the table with the customer and shorten the development time.

Why choose our configurator?

  • You create real-time product & packaging combinations for your customer
  • The 3D products are lifelike
  • The 3D configurator is interactive
  • Physical mock-ups are unnecessary, so you save a lot of time and money 
  • The time to market is a lot shorter

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