Configuring products in 3D: Van der Moolen says goodbye to physical mock-ups

van der moolen | 3D product configurator

‘If you combine this product with that other packaging, what does that look like?’ For Van der Moolen, this is a question that comes up often. Previously, Van der Moolen's answer came in the form of a mock-up: a physical model that was sent to the customer and adjusted according to their instructions. This would continue until the customer was satisfied. They rightly wondered whether this could be done more efficiently.

About Van der Moolen

Van der Moolen Foodgroup was founded in 1966, although it had a different name at the time. Piet van der Moolen helped in his parents' Chinese restaurant and was not satisfied with the quality of the noodles supplied. He wanted to make them himself.
Now, years later, Van der Moolen Foodgroup is still a beautiful (and large) family business, specializing in noodles and pasta. The traditional products are mainly supplied to catering businesses, wholesalers and professional kitchens.

The solution

Van der Moolen is at the forefront when it comes to the digital transition. It wants to work efficiently and is open to innovation. A solution such as the 3D product configurator is therefore definitely interesting. With this solution, the company can place any desired product in any desired packaging via an image on the screen. 

To customize the 3D product configurator for Van der Moolen, we first scanned their products. Each type of noodle, pasta and rice went under our scanner, to be further developed as a 3D model. Then it was the turn of the packaging. We convert all working drawings of packaging that the company receives from suppliers into a digital file in 3D.

Platform with 3D configurator

We were then able to set up the configurator and give Van der Moolen access to their own platform. Does a Van der Moolen customer want a different packaging? With a few clicks, a sales employee can show what the product would look like. Another text on a label? That too can be adjusted directly. The 3D images are lifelike and can be viewed from all sides. A physical mock-up is suddenly completely unnecessary.

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