SVH integrates thousands of 3D images into its teaching materials


About 30,000 students use the teaching materials that SVH publishes. Now that digital education has increased significantly and is indispensable, it is important to adapt teaching materials to this. Scanned books and flat images are no longer relevant. How can pupils and students learn the subjects as effectively and interactively as possible in a digital way? SVH asked the MetaChef.

About SVH

The goal of SVH (Stichting Vakbekwaamheid Horeca) is to increase professional competence in the hospitality industry. To achieve this goal, SVH develops teaching materials and teaching methods for (vocational) education, trainers and entrepreneurs.

The solution

MetaChef has an extensive 3D collection of all possible food products. For SVH, access to this collection is the answer to their question. Digital education has taken off and teaching materials have to keep up with this development. Therefore, the 3D models from our extensive database have been integrated into the educational material of SVH.

Vocational schools that use the SVH online learning platform can now view all our 3D models in the categories of meat and seafood products, vegetables, fruit, bread and cheese. The digital twins are lifelike and provide valuable information about a product and how a product is put together or can be prepared. It is a fun and realistic way of learning, which ensures that the knowledge sticks better. At the same time, teachers can use the 3D models during their lessons to explain the theory.

Setting the table with AR

SVH also wanted to use augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). With AR, a digital object is added to your environment; it seems as if this object is really there. With VR you are in a completely different, digital environment. These applications make learning even more realistic and interactive. And, of course, more fun. For example, students can use AR to learn how to arrange place settings (cutlery) or practice glass recognition (which wine belongs in which glass?). And they can do that very simply and easily on their phone.