Selo's largest machines are close at hand thanks to interactive 3D images


Selo produces (mostly) large-scale installations for processing food and pet food. It is preciesly because such installations are so large, presenting them is difficult (for example, at a trade fair or during a sales conversation). Selo contacted MetaChef to find a solution to this challenge.

About Selo

Selo, a company from Hengelo, builds advanced food-processing machines. The company was founded in 1944 and has developed over the years into an innovative global player in the food industry.

“Thanks to 3D technology, we can communicate with our customers in a different way, and our presentation is even more powerful and almost tangible. This certainly helps with remote communication, which seems to be becoming the norm.”

– Willibrord Woertman, managing director at Selo

The solution

We started by modelling a mayonnaise production line. This proved to be an immediate success, so other processing machines followed. These 3D models make it a lot easier for Selo's sales department to show the machines, or even a specific part thereof, to a (potential) customer. The 3D presentations on a tablet, for example, help Selo explain the story better.

And the sales employees aren’t the only ones happy with it; the 3D machines can also be seen on Selo's website. All visitors to the website can now view the machines from all sides and receive information about a part of the process or about the machine as soon as they click on a number.

Remote training
Selo experienced how valuable 3D was, and now also applies it in AR and VR for educating and training employees of their customers. They can see how a machine should be installed and how the process works… even before the installation is in use! Efficient and cost-effective. Where previously customers from all over the world had to come to Selo, they can now receive an on-site explanation about an installation with VR glasses.


“The interactive 3D presentations make our story stronger. Customers immediately understand what we do and what we can offer them. This makes sales faster and more efficient.

– Willibrord Woertman, managing director at Selo

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