Chicken as a dynamic 3D model at the trade show


After years of presenting its physical cut book at trade shows, Landgeflügel was looking for a more interactive and dynamic way to showcase of all its different chicken parts. But how?

About Landgeflügel

Looking for fresh chicken products? Then you've come to the right place at Landgeflügel. This German company controls the entire process line – from egg to chicken meat – and supplies its products throughout Europe.

The solution

We scanned and created 3D models of all the individual chicken parts that Landgeflügel sells. These digital twins are then bundled in the 3D product catalogue. This application makes it easier for the Landgeflügel sales team to market their products (internationally).

Currently, at every trade show where Landgeflügel is present, there is no longer a physical 2D cut book to be seen. Instead, the Landgeflügel exhibition stand catches the eye with striking, interactive 3D images that show interested parties all the details of the chicken parts.

3D catalog

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