Popdots and machines made lifelike thanks to 3D


Europastry thought the endless demand for physical mock-ups for customers was outdated. Was there an opportunity to show their products and packaging to customers in a more efficient, less time-consuming way?

About Europastry

The European company Europastry calls itself a ‘baker 2.0’. It loves the tradition of bread baking, but has a desire to transform it. This makes the Spanish company the most innovative in the sector. In 2015, a production location was started in Oldenzaal in Twente.

“Thanks to the MetaChef platform, we can now provide customers with specific insights and also organize training & education more efficiently within the organization. MetaChef offers the total package.”

Sander Verhoef, senior project manager at Europastry

The solution

With the 3D product configurator, Europastry can show the latest combination of product and packaging – in real time and in a lifelike manner – directly via a device. This makes it much easier and more efficient to view the latest solutions and combinations together with customers. Would you prefer red Popdots instead of purple? And would you rather have four instead of eight? In a few clicks the 3D image of the product & packaging is available.

To make this possible, we have scanned all the Europastry products. Thanks to the 3D product configurator, Europastry has lower costs and can even show non-existing products to customers. For example, it invested in a new packaging line and was able to pre-sell it before the line was actually installed. With a short time to market!

We also used this packaging line for Europastry's VR training application, which allows operators to learn how to operate a machine or even maintain and repair it (for the technical service) in a virtual environment.

“This is just the beginning; we are now looking at what else we can do with our 3D models. Examples include, managing the product lines, automation and quality control work. I believe that 3D will be indispensable in the future.”

– Sander Verhoef, senior project manager Europastry

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